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Porridge is hot | Pernilla Elmquist – My Scandinavian Food

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Porridge is hot

Swedish Recipe

I grew up on oatmeal. My cheeks were like a foot ball and I loved to stuff my face with porridge made from oatmeal every day. I have not eaten porridge since …

But now my radar is set on gastronomic trends all over the world and I hear that porridge is climbing the hit list. In the Scandinavian cuisine porridge always had a place, and it´s been seen as poor mans food for a very long time. But now porridge moves into the fine dining kitchens and I´m certain it will be served with a “twist” in the higher gastronomy in the future.

In London (Brick Lane’s Sunday Upmarket) New York (Oat meals) and Copenhagen (Gröd), are special porridge restaurants and bars serving modern versions of porridge with different “toppings”.

So I decided to try it again. And guess what…time heals all wounds.
A lovely porridge with nuts, grains, cereals and fruit is not bad and a perfect energy breakfast, especially now during these cold winter days, when the icy Nordic winds threatens to freeze your nose of.

Here you go!

2 pers

2 cups oatmeal
4.5 cups water
1 grated apple
15 hazelnuts
1 cup oat grains
1 tablespoon raw cane sugar
fresh berries

1. Boil water, apple, oatmeal and salt over medium heat. Simmer over low heat for 4 minutes. Stir often so it does not burn!
2. Toast hazelnuts in a hot dry pan. Rub off the skin in a towel. Coarsely chop.
3. Roast hazelnut and oat kernels with raw cane sugar for a minute. Stir so it does not burn. Let cool on a plate.
4. Top oatmeal with nuts and oat rust, fresh berries and cold milk.
Hej hej

Scandinavian Food at its best

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Pernilla Elmquist

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