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Happy Swedish Midsummer!

Today is the most beautiful day up here in Sweden! Midsummer! The longest day of the year. It´s an old tratition and we spend it with our families and friends, eating pickled herring, new potatoes, dill, sour cream, strawberries and celebrate summer by dancing , drinking and laughing.

It´s a great day and night. You stay up all night and watch the sun come up. It doesn´t really ever go to bed on Midsummer and the light is spectacular. You can also pick seven different flowers from the medows and hopefully you dream about the man/woman you´re supposed to marry…well…don´t do that if your in a relationship.

I spend Midsummer with mat man at my cabin by the lake, eating, drinking hoping for the sun to come out.  I pickled a herring very fast this morning when I realised that I had forgotten to do so.  And I HAVE to pickle a herring at Midsummer. It´s a tradition. Swedish RECIPE HERE.

Right now the sun it is out, and I will take a midsummer bath, then prepare for a midsummer lunch by the lake!

Happy Midsummer to all of you!


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Pernilla Elmquist

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