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Nordic Street Food at The Malmo festival 2013

Sometimes it happens – you ‘re in the right place at the right time . So it was for Nordic Street Food and The Malmo Festival 2013 ! I am humbly taken by surprise , happy and ” chocked and sunned .” What a success!

It has taken me a week to sum up what really happened when my new street food project – Nordic Street food – had its world premiere at a bridge in central Malmö during a sunny week in August 2013.

Sure , I thought that the world would be curious about well cooked food from scratch on local produce in season … otherwise I would not have ordered 400 kg prime rib … but I could not in my wildest dreams think that we would have queues that snaked far away on the bridge throughout the whole festival , and that my vegetarian option, as I made up the week before, would be a best seller .Amazing!

Together with our talented , joyful and sustainable street food crew, we cooked, rolled, and handed out wraps all week long. All dressed in designer aprons and headbands from my old friend the designer Jane Wikström . Absolutely the neatest crew at the festival.

Without having done it before the girls and the guys quickly found a routines to fill , roll and serve with ” smiling faces and pleasant attitude ” (that´s we heard from customers ) . Great wraps rolled in flatbread from Jämtlands tunnbrödsbageri. Thnaks Kicki for fixing the deliveries!

Obviously the great reviews we got,helped. Thank you so much ! Four riders in Sydsvenskan , four Cn in the City and a three of Tareq Taylor. He wanted a little more ” umpf ” in the pulled chuck wrap, so I aded a little fresh horseradish, and it became perfect.

Otherwise it was then chanterelle wrap that glistened throughout the festival. It was so popular that I had to go emergency shopping at the local market twice, to buy all of the forest gold they could come up with.


I made a vegetable vendor cry of joy when I bought his whole chanterelle harvest before he even opened and one evening I call my local chanterelle dealer and fixed thirty kg more , and down in the kitchen and behind the wagon friends and family step in and helped clean mushrooms. Invaluable assistance Ana and Paula ! Thank you !

Our street crew – Matilda , Josefine S, Josefine L , Sofia, Sara, Emilia, Vendela , Ossian , Frej and Dennis helped in the vagon, while Axle ruled the kitchen down in the Western Harbour (Västra Hamnen) , where we got the help of Daniel and Restaurant P2 to cook our meat. Jonathan drove around town (without GPS) and bought napkins and forks, brought food, picked up dirty boxes, went for more street water, apple juice … you name it …. an invaluable help!

And Misan …. you are a rock! Misan designed our beautiful wagon, she hung lamps, posted signs , fixed menus, cut and pasted together the whole project … we can not say thank you enough !

And thanks to Climat 80 and there little handy refrigerated wagon, thanks to it, the logistics went fantastically well. Anders and Robban, you have been an invaluable help with the wagon and refrigeration options . And thank´s Kenneth who helped us clean up every morning. Wonderful to arrive at a clean and nice truck and start our day with a cup of coffee from Lilla Kafferosteriet .

Our cool street water from Benarps Brunn was at hit, as was the apple juice from Öspab Frukt and blueberry drink from Kiviks Musteri . I think we actually got an occasional cola addict to try a healthier alternative this time .

Jens and I worked around the clock and I think I stood up for a week. But it was great fun. When the queues began to grow on Saturday after we premiered on Friday , I could´t help my self, but laugh out load.

It kind of bubbled up in me and the joy of so many people, small, large , old, young tourists, culture people , vegetarians, out of towers, business people, hipsters …. yes all sorts of people flocked around our wagon to eat my wraps. Many came twice and three times and it showed me that the world is ready for Nordic Street Food!

Now we have new challenges – to find a place i Malmö, where we can start serving good food to hungry people and to start our journey to bring Nordic Street food to the world. Follow us on our FB page and you will know where we turn up next!

Thanks to all who helped and to all of you who came, tried, ate and enjoyed!
Kraaaaam !

Photo Peter Erlandsson


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Pernilla Elmquist

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