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Swedish cabbage rolls – Kåldolmar!

Swedish recipe HERE Kåldolmar

Kååååldolmar ….(cabbage rolls) that´s what Pippi Longstocking said with longing in her voice when she was on the run and stood outside the window of a restaurant, penniless and hungry. “Kåldolmar” is stuffed cabbage rolls and an old traditional Swedish dish…which probably came from Greece of Turkey a long time ago.

I join in with Pippi, when I spot a couple of well made Swedish cabbage rolls. One of my favourite dishes of all time.
Cabbage rolls are today an exclusive dish that requires a lot of love and time and nothing you easily cook after work. And there are no shortcuts to a good stuffed cabbage roll. It requires it´s time and lot´s of patience from the cook.

Right now it´s the best season for cabbage. It´s cheep and tastes great and is an excellent produce in my eyes. And if you have lingonberries in the freezer, make your own “rårörda lingon” which is lingonberries stired with sugar. Much tastier than the lingonberry jam you find at the supermarket.

And do not skip on the syrup! The sweet taste together with the fresh cabbage and sweet-sour lingonberries is like a trip back in time, when Mom cooked cabbage rolls on Sunday and we ate til we choked.
Make a big batch and warm up the day after. Just as delicious then!
Here you go

6-8 people

600 g minced meat from pork and beef
2 eggs
3 boiled potatoes
0.5 cup whole milk
0.25 cups breadcrumbs
white pepper
light syrup

1 head of white cabbage

1 onion
log from cabbage
1 liter of water
3 tablespoons veal stock
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon mustard seed

300 g of lingonberries (fresh or frozen)
100g sugar

1. Cut the log in the middle of cabbage and place a fork in it. Put the cabbage in a large pot of boiling water and let the leaves “fall of the cabbage head” . Let them cook for a few minutes and then take them up and lay them on a towel or paper towel to dry.
2. Let the breadcrumbs soak in milk for ten minutes. Mix ground beef, eggs, potatoes, milk and bread crumbs in a food processor. It should be quite soft. Season with salt and pepper.
3. Peel and chop the onion and stock from the cabbage and saute in butter in a saucepan.
4. Add water, veal stock and spices and let simmer for about 45 minutes. Season with more salt if needed.
Preheat oven to 200 degrees C/392 F
5. Cut away the hard vein in the middle of the cabbage leaf. Form a tablespoon of mincemeat into an oblong meatball and roll into cabbage leaf. Fold in the sides so the minced meat remains in its package. Place them tightly in a greased baking dish .
6. Drizzle with syrup and click on some butter and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes to get a nice color .
7. Reduce the heat to 150 g Pour over the gravy and bake another 40 minutes. Scoop frequently with the gravy.
8. Strain the gravy and serve with .

1. Stir lingonberries and sugar and stir until the sugar has dissolved.
Serve with boiled potatoes.


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Pernilla Elmquist

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