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Pickled herring with a taste of liquorice

Did you think that I had pickled enough for this year …? Oh no!! It’s almost Christmas, I have a thousand things to do, but to pickle herring … there´s always time for that in my Scandinavian kitchen. It is NOT a clichée…I love pickled herring and could live only on that…and some “knäckebröd”.

Pickled herring is so much fun, simply because , if you have the ready-to-pickle- herring  you can mix and match it with anything you like.

Think about what flavors you like… I’m a big fan of clear herrings with lots of onions. And I like liqorice. Hmmmm …. licorice herring …. FENNEL!
Fennel, I have never used it in a herring pickling before, but this time I went “all in” you might say. Fennel AND anise seeds. Very liquorice flavoured, as it should be.

Together with the sweet-and-sour-fusion it turned out really good!
Here you are!


1 jar of pickling herring
0,5 cups of ättika (vinegar)
1 cups sugar
1,5 cups water
15 allspice
1 teaspoon anise seeds
2 bay leaves
0.5 fennel with dill
1 small yellow onion
grated zest of one orange

1. Rinse the herring and dry it. Cut into one cm pieces.
2. Boil vinegar, sugar, water, coarse crushed allspice, anise seeds, bay leaves. Allow to cool.
3. Slice onion and fennel thinly and save the dill. Grate the peel of a apeslin.
4. Layer the fennel, herring, onions. Pour over the syrup and mix in appelsinskal. Let stand for two days so drag it to themselves properly with flavor.


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Pernilla Elmquist

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